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Video Showing Blood Analysis Results

Research was also conducted in Cape Town, South Africa in 2003 and 2004 on 36 patients. Live blood analysis and the bio-impedance machine were used as measuring tools to assess the changes that took place. Live blood analysis evaluates the blood using dark field and phase contrast microscopy. The health and integrity of the red blood cells is assessed according to the shape of the cells, the tendency to stickiness in specific patterns and the resistance of the cells to breakdown through oxidative damage. To put it briefly, inflammation, various immune reactions and accumulations of toxins, liver, bile and other dysfunctions in the body, affect these cells. The white blood cells are assessed according to the integrity of the cell walls and the vitality of the white blood cells - the improvements here reflect the functioning of the immune system and the vitality of the body. The ability of the cells to survive when exposed to air, before they degenerate, gives an indication of the integrity of the cells, of the free radical load and antioxidant reserves in the body. The presence of parasites and other foreign particles in the blood is associated with a disturbance in the microbiological environment of the body. The bio-impedance machine measures the ability of the body to conduct and resist a small electrical current. It interprets the reading according to the phase angle, which is a measure of the charge or energy of the body, and the water distribution inside and outside the cells.

Subjects in this South Africa study were treated for a month and, in some cases, the study was continued for another month. In certain instances, when people bought the Q2 and continued treatments themselves, further follow-up testing was conducted after six months of treatment. Since videos were made of the blood samples used for the analysis, comparison of the samples was simplified. It is interesting to note that while there were noticeable improvements in the initial period of the testing, really startlingly impressive changes took place in the blood of the subjects who continued to use the Q2 for six months. The observation of these changes will be continued over an extended period. This greater improvement, observed in the blood of subjects who continued the treatments, endorses the view that symptoms of ill-health and depletion, which have taken years to develop, are not going to be reversed overnight by the use of the Q2 Energy Spa. However, it is clear that use of the Q2 assists the body in bringing about a consistent and steady improvement in such symptoms, indicating that the body is using the bio-electric charge, or life force, to repair damage and to provide energy for greater vitality and aliveness. A short film has been made from the videos illustrating the improvements observed in all the areas referred to above.

To download this 208MB MPEG file of the film, click here. (Note, the file is enormous - it will take at least 10 hours to download on a dialup modem connection, and about 2 hours on a DSL line.