Effortlessly supply your body with the life force - bio-electricity - it needs for perfect health

How to Use the Q2

footbathThe Q2 Energy Spa is remarkably easy to use and requires no specific training to operate. Any part of the body - usually the feet but it can be the hands or the whole body - is immersed in water with the orb attached to the unit for a period of thirty-five minutes. People who have their own Q2s often like to relax or read in the bath while having the session. It must be used only once every forty-eight hours to avoid overcharging the body.

Charging Drinking Water

Using drinking water charged in the Q2 is highly beneficial and is easily done by placing filled glass bottles in a basin of water with the orb, switching on the unit and running it for the period of a session.

Only 500ml per day should be consumed and it is important to drink it within a short space of time, not spread it over the day, since the charge it supplies to the body should be allowed to subside before the next amount is taken. The water will hold the charge for a maximum of 90 hours.

Extra Advice

Who Should NOT use the Q2?