The latest in quantum technology is now available in South Africa.


The Q2 Energy Spa, which has been leading the field internationally, was invented in Australia by Terry Skrinjar and is the original quantum healing device using the base frequency of water. Skrinjar wrote a book in 1996 called Quantum Reality Field Science. When a question was posed to him, was it possible to apply his theories to create a device which could basically heal all illness, Skrinjar responded by creating the BEFE (Bio-Electical Field Enhancer) which has now evolved into the more sophisticated Q2 Energy Spa.


Working on the underlying premise that an unimpeded flow of energy in the body equencies in the form of this bio-electricity. The minerals in water are an excellent conductor of electricity and water is the primary constituent of all life. Since the human body is composed largely of water, this is the natural medium to use to pass these life force frequencies to the body cells. Thus, when the Q2 orb is placed in water in which part of the body, usually the feet, is immersed, the bio-electricity passes easily from the water outside the body to the water within the body. This is, of course, also the reason that thermal baths and hot springs have been renowned for their therapeutic benefits through the centuries - bio-electricity generated by the earth charges the body. Using the Q2 in the comfort of your home, or your therapist's rooms, for thirty-five minutes every second day can be seen as "taking the waters", as people did in olden days, when time was of no issue and one could travel to the nearest thermal spa to rejuvenate and revitalise oneself.

In his book Recharge Your Biological Battery Dr Howard Peiper explains why he recommends the use of the Q2. The cells in the body "act as tiny batteries which produce and use electricity as their driving force". The outer cell membrane is selectively permeable which means that it allows some substances, such as water, to pass through it while metabolic energy (electricity) is required for amino acids and ions to cross. Most of us, these days, are depleted by stress, consume food and water which are low in life force and are exposed to electromagnetic smog created by cell-phones, computers, TV, microwaves and suchlike. Therefore, we have an inadequate voltage charge on our cell walls which results in the cells not being able to eliminate toxins or absorb nutrients. This equals unhealthy, toxic cells. When bio-electric energy is supplied to the body, it is able to re-establish this essential electrical charge on the cell walls. Thus, the body is able to detoxify and absorb nutrients.

Elimination occurs primarily through the bowel and the kidneys. Manufacturers of copies of the Q2 Energy Spa often claim that the changes that occur in the colour of the water used during the Q2 session are a result of the patient detoxing through the skin into the water. However, the changes are due to the electrical charging which causes dissolved impurities in the water to be precipitated resulting in discoloration of the water, sedimentation and sometimes the formation of a scum on the surface. Although it is tempting to concentrate on this, the water colour is irrelevant to the process. The focus is on supplying the unique electrical charge, generated by the Q2, to the body to enable it to heal itself. It is normal for patients to be tired after initial treatments as the body deals with the detoxification.

The vibrational frequency of the human bio-electrical field is a critical factor in determining the strength of our immune systems. By charging the body's electrical field, we create an environment in which viruses, bacteria and fungi cannot exist. Another bonus the Q2 offers is its powerful antioxidant effect on the body. These days many people take antioxidants in various forms because of their ability to neutralize acidic free radicals. Free radicals are positive ions which scavenge electrons from our cells in order to neutralize their charge. Due to this, we are left with degenerate cells which cause ageing and make us susceptible to cancer and other diseases. The healing capability of the Q2 is partly attributable to the fact that the bio-electricity is supplied in the form of negative ions (electrons) which pair with the positive ions, thereby neutralising them in an amplified version of the way antioxidants taken orally do. This can be measured by an ORP meter, a device for testing the Oxidative Reduction Potential of water which indicates its antioxidant potential. Whereas ordinary tap water is likely to have a reading of +100 to +200, water charged by the Q2 measures -500 to -600 indicating the high value of the negative charge which is available to neutralize free radicals and shift the base balance leading to alkalinizaton of the body.