Experience greater health, vitality and well being than you ever believed possible

Although anecdotal in nature, these range from reports of recovery from arthritis, asthma, leg ulcers, oedema, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, high and low blood pressure, depression and insomnia to testimonies of acne and cracked heels disappearing, energy and vigour returning, menstrual pain and allergies decreasing, as well as improvement in many other health problems. Below are some examples of what people have experienced.

  1. "I have had ME (fibromyalgia) for ten years and had resigned myself to a half life - only able to be up for half the day and not always even that. After eleven sessions on the Q2 I decided to buy the machine and I have been using it every forty-eight hours for the last six months. I am now able to live a full day with only a short afternoon rest. I have far greater physical, as well as mental, energy - especially immediately after the treatment when I experience a clarity that I have not known for ten years. My muscle tone has improved significantly, the dark lesions I had on my legs have faded and the night sweats, which are a feature of ME, have stopped." J.G.
  2. "My son received the DTP immunization when he was three months old. Although his development had been completely normal up to this point, from here on we lost him. His development simply stopped. His digestion slowed down, his bowel never worked on its own, he had up to five seizures a night, was unable to focus at all and for twelve years we made no progress. My husband and I have tried every conceivable therapy for him, even taking him to Florida to swim with dolphins but nothing changed. After initial sessions on the Q2 I decided to buy a unit and he has now been treated every forty-eight hours for the last seven months. I am also treating him with tissue salts. There has been an enormous shift. His seizures had always left him shaking for days, as though he had Parkinson's, and one of the first things we noticed was a change in his nervous system as he stopped the shaking. He started sleeping through the night for the first time since the immunization. His seizures are now down to seven or eight a month - an enormous improvement - and he even has the occasional normal bowel movement. We are seeing slow but steady improvements and have great hopes for his continued progress. I am also using the machine myself and the lines on my face are going!" A.S.
  3. "I am 42 and have had rheumatoid arthritis for six years. It was originally triggered by a streptococcal infection. Getting out of bed in the morning was an effort and there were times when I could barely walk. My body reacted to changes in the weather and I really was very ill. Two months treatment on the Q2 brought about real changes on every level - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There has been an amazing improvement in my arthritis and my general health - I have not been sick at all. Whereas previously I had lived on medication, I now do not take any. It also started me off on an incredible health journey - I took charge of my health, started eating properly and lost 10kg. All in all it has been an incredible experience." S.E.
  4. "I am 79 and have had several sessions with the Q2 Energy Spa. For a while I noticed no appreciable difference and then positive changes happened. My energy, which had been low, came up. My body began to lose its stiffness and some of the aches and pains I had been experiencing have lessened. My blood pressure is the lowest it's been in ages and the quality of my sleep pattern has improved and generally I'm feeling great." D.A.
  5. "I have treated a 61-year old man, who has had chronic rheumatoid arthritis since he was 53, on the Q2 Energy Spa for six months. He lives next door to me but, when we started the treatments, he would arrive on the four-wheel mobility scooter he had due to his incapacity, since walking was too difficult. Now, after these months of treatment, he arrives on foot and, additionally, we see him walking his dog on the beach. I also saw him up a ladder trimming the garden hedge the other day, to his wife's great surprise. She said that before the Q2 treatments this would never have been possible. Additionally, he had a bad fungal infection of one toe-nail which had resulted in the nail being black and thickened. It is amazing to see the clear nail appearing as it grows. He is thrilled with his improved vitality. His eagerness and energy for life have returned and his spirits have lifted." S.T.
  6. "My son of 12 years has had dermatomyasitis for six years. It is a skin condition that is caused by an overactive immune system and it breaks down his skin and muscles. He has had cortisone treatment for this condition for six years and has had lots of holes in his skin caused by calcification where the calcium that his body cannot use comes to the surface. These have formed sores and festered. He had treatments on the Q2 Energy Spa three times a week for a month. His skin improved gradually and the sores healed. It was only after he stopped the treatment that I realised, in retrospect, how much it had helped him since the sores returned and started to fester again. I would certainly recommend this treatment for all skin conditions." G.L.
  7. "Having read in the literature on the Q2 that it helped with the recovery of injuries, when I sprained my ankle, I decided to treat it with the Q2. The swelling went down remarkably quickly and I was able to walk on it within a week" C.W.
  8. "I have suffered from depression but while on the Q2 Energy Spa I noticed an improvement in my general mood, I felt more focussed, and my energy levels increased. I can go to bed later, have only six hours sleep and still feel invigorated." A.C.
  9. "I have been lucky enough to have treatments on the Q2 machine three times per week for three months. During this time non-specific but definite changes occurred - some more noticeable, and some subtler: Constipation has been a battle all my life - on the days of the treatment I noticed a change and interestingly enough three months since my last treatment I am still not constipated! The Q2 Energy Spa is also great for overall detoxification and cellulite loss! People have commented that I look younger, well and healthy. My facial skin is in better condition and the bags under my eyes are gone. All in all for health maintenance I would recommend the Q2 Energy Spa." D.S.
  10. "I am 53 and was frequently tired and depleted. In the year that I have used the Q2, this has changed - I have forgotten that feeling of exhaustion. This has impacted very positively on my family as they no longer have to put up with my fatigue. I have also noticed a number of changes occurring in my body. The veins in my legs, which have troubled me for years, have healed completely. I used to have swollen ankles which have also gone. I had two dark sunspots on my face that I had expected to have removed - they have vanished; a fungal fingernail which has been a huge source of aggravation for five years, has healed (I had tried absolutely everything to no avail); the whites of my eyes have become much whiter; I used to have difficulty sleeping through the night and now sleep like a baby; night sweats which I have experienced for years have stopped; my cellulite has really decreased; the texture and elasticity of the skin on my face, neck and the back of my hands is much better and, although it sounds so ridiculous that I don't even like to say it, I am quite sure that the lines on my face are not nearly so deep or noticeable. I plan on staying on the Q2 for the rest of my life and look forward to watching the continuous improvements to my body over the years." S.V.
  11. "Six weeks after using the Q2 I stopped smoking. I have put this down to two things - my attitude to health shifted and my resolve strengthened. Also, two weeks into the treatments my chest became very sore - this made me acutely aware of the damage that smoking caused. I believe that my painful chest was a result of the body trying to eliminate the toxins in my lungs and heal the damage. Continued treatment on the Q2 has maintained my resolve and the health and emotional benefits have been phenomenal." J.B.
  12. "As a final year law student under the stress of a considerable work load, I have found the Q2 simply amazing. Although I have not had physical problems, I have found the Q2 treatments to be hugely beneficial. They have provided me with an energy supply that allows me to work at all hours of the night and with greater clarity and focus. As a results my marks have shot up!" A.P.